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HMDW Architects Ltd has wide-ranging and rigorous expertise in the conservation, restoration and redevelopment of Listed buildings, and the design of new buildings in historic settings.

Our work often brings ‘down at the heel’ historic buildings back into their prime, generating increased use and appreciation by their inhabitants and the public. Such projects vary from specialist repairs and restoration to the introduction of new structures using contemporary materials and technologies. We have a particular interest in seeing redundant church buildings re-opened for ecclesiastical use, and are pleased to help many such exciting developments. 

We attach prime importance to our professionalism and the nature of our dealings with authorities, specialists, contractors and clients. Whilst we generally design new work using contemporary methods and detailing, we do not impose any particular house style on our clients. Each project is taken on its own merit and evolves from the brief, the site, the client, and consultations with other stakeholders. 

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Blue Idol Friends Meeting House

Carving for the spire repairs at Christchurch, Highbury