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Heritage Consultancy

Hanslip & Company Ltd specialise in the care and alteration of historic buildings with experience spanning over 25 years in this specialist area. Assessment, research, and the production of reports goes hand-in-hand with our day-to-day work.

Heritage Statements

Heritage Statements provide a general overview of a historic building, and tend to focus on the impact of specific proposals on the heritage asset.

They are generally a requirement for various heritage consents for works in Conservation Areas and for buildings with are Listed or in the setting of a Listed building.

Conservation Statements

Conservation Statements provide a detailed assessment of the significance of the heritage asset. They provide a general overview for the management of the asset, but can go in to more detail for specific areas where this is required.

They are for situations when a full Conservation Management Plan is not appropriate, such as less complex sites or where no major development is envisaged.

Conservation Management Plans

Conservation Management Plans (CMPs) provide a detailed assessment of the significance of the heritage asset. They also draw-up detailed guidance and policies for the management of the heritage asset.

CMPs are useful for complex redevelopment projects and for the ongoing maintenance of complex heritage assets.

Heritage Consents

Much of the work we do involves obtaining heritage consents, be it for Conservation Areas, Listed Buildings or Scheduled Monuments.

We also specialise in the slightly different consents route for churches which enjoy Ecclesiastical Exemption from secular Listed building consents.

We are able to help other professionals with the process of obtaining heritage consents, and can offer consultancy services in order to discharge Planning conditions.

Archival Research

The reports listed above all require some level of archival research — be it desk-based or involving visits to records offices.

Archival information can help demystify historical building construction and can help avoid costly delays when repairs or alterations commence on-site.

Specialist Consultants

We also work with specialist consultants in a wide range of specialisms for historic buildings, including:

  • Archaeology
  • Decorative schemes
  • Environmental performance
  • Monuments
  • Plasterwork
  • Stained glass
  • Wall paintings