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Hanslip & Company Ltd specialise in the care and alteration of churches and other historic buildings and has a combined experience of over 80 years in this specialist area. We understand the interplay between heritage, worship, and mission which defines church projects. From modern inter-city churches through to mediaeval churches in rural communities, we help congregations look after their churches, and help them realise their ambitions for re-ordering and redevelopment.

Quinquennial Inspections

The most fundamental step churches can take to put the maintenance of their buildings on a sustainable footing is to carry-out regular maintenance to avoid small problems developing into larger, costly repairs. Regular inspection of churches helps spot defects before they develop into more serious problems.

Hanslip & Co. assist churches in the Church of England, Roman Catholic Church, other denominations, and Quaker Meeting Houses across London and the South-East.

Reports & Investigations

Heritage reports are often required to support applications to alter or repair Listed churches, whilst investigations and opening-up can sometimes be required to better understand defects and historical construction detailing.

Hanslip & Co. regularly carries out investigations, archival research, and assessments to support building works, support applications for heritage consents, and to improve accessibility.

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Grant-aided work

Many of the projects we work on are grant-aided. With many churches relying on volunteer help, the application process and resulting reporting requirements and activity programme can often be daunting when resources are scarce.

Hanslip & Co. can help identify grant funding sources, and assist with grant administration and activities. We also work with professional fundraisers and grant consultants.


Our relationship with churches goes beyond regular inspections. We are on hand to advise on simple repairs and maintenance, and can visit to help diagnose unexpected problems.

Eventually materials will come to the end of their serviceable lives and will require repair. We have broad experience repairing brickwork, concrete, flintwork, glazing and stained-glass, leadwork, roofs, stonework, towers/spires, timber frames, and other traditional and modern constructions.

Re-ordering schemes

The need to adapt churches for current needs ranges from alterations to improve worship areas through to new WC and kitchen facilities to improve ministry of welcome.

We find solutions to meet the particular needs of churches — addressing heritage considerations and worship needs. Through careful consideration, we help churches to improve their facilities and make their buildings more accessible.


When churches have the ambition to transform their buildings, we have the experience to help realise complex redevelopments in historic settings.

We work with specialist consultants to overcome the unique challenges working on church buildings present. We have good working relationships with Quantity Surveyors (who manage cost), Structural Engineers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Archaeologists, Conservators and specialist consultants.


No matter the type or scale, every project follows a process from investigation/feasibility through to design and consents then to work on site and beyond. For all but the smallest of projects, we work to the RIBA Plan of Work 2020.