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New Buildings & Extensions

Hanslip & Company Ltd specialise in the design of new buildings and extensions in historic settings, with experience spanning over 25 years in this specialist area. We also understand the needs of community groups from our extensive experience of church clients.

New buildings

When new buildings require the same level of care and craftsmanship as historic buildings, Hanslip & Co. can translate their experience of new work in historic settings to your project.


Whether extensions in sensitive historic settings or to other buildings, Hanslip & Co. have extensive experience managing the adaption and extension of Listed and other buildings.


Hanslip & Co. have extensive experience redeveloping buildings to meet the current needs of clients and improve their environmental performance.

Past projects include commercial renovations within Millbank Tower and significant redevelopment schemes for the Bank of England.


No matter the type or scale, every project follows a process from investigation/feasibility through to design and consents then to work on site and beyond. For all but the smallest of projects, we work to the RIBA Plan of Work 2020.